Dragon Spear

Publisher Entermate
Category game
Size none
First Registration Date 18 October 2017
Version (Update Date) 1.6


※ Warning ※
Stunning action and visual effects may be highly addictive.

A console style action-packed horizontal scroller RPG
Simple gameplay with stunning combo action !!

[Game Features]

◆ Various Heroes each with unique play styles and skills
– Six Heroes each with unique play styles
– Vast number of skills that shape the combat style

◆ Stylize and customize your Hero and stand out
– Experience the change in the Hero’s Looks with each and every different item.
– Various equipment parts available for customization

◆ Find your own way out of many to strengthen your Hero
– Work with the Blacksmith to enhance, upgrade, and enchant your items
– Collect Set Items for special set buffs
– Raise pets with supportive abilities

◆ Real time team play
– Team up with other players to take down Bosses undefeatable by yourself
– Raid Bosses that require strong team work and strategy

◆ 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 Challenge against other players
– Come back from a disadvantage with precise use of skills and ultimate skills
– Unleash your skills in series to deal a devastating blow to enemies
– Team up for 3-on-3 show down



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